Fell Into Your Arms

You are the only one for me
And I have found you
Able to be tough and yet so sweet
I found you
Fell into my arms
As we won it all
And I adore you
I care more than I know I really should
So I implore you
If you love me you’ll let me go
If you love me you’ll let me go
We’ve been through thick
And survived things others can’t imagine
I would gladly give my life to preserve your magic
The Boy-Who-Lived, the Chosen One
And I choose you
I wish it weren’t so, love
But, Ginny, there’s only one thing to do
Of you love me, let me go
If you love me, let me go


12 responses

10 03 2007

Wow, I love those lyrics. My heart breaks every time I think about the end of “Half-Blood Prince”.
Where can I listen to those songs ?
I’m a big Remus’ fan, so I need to listen to this music !

10 03 2007

you can check out some of his songs over at his MySpace. as far as hearing this song goes, you’ll have to get his CD. if you like what you hear, I suggest you get it. it’s amazing. you won’t be disappointed.


11 03 2007

Ok thanks, but can I order the CD, living in France ? I dont want it to be lost or something.

11 03 2007

I’m pretty sure you can since there’s a paypal button for: $15 (For UK/Australia/World Wizard Rockers) he also notes that: ‘Due to Touring and the Postral Service, CDs may take a few weeks to arrive.’

you can always send him a MySpace message or email if you have a question.

hope this helps!

2 05 2007

I ordered the CD today.

2 05 2007

oh yay! I’m so excited for you!
I know you won’t be able to stop wrocking out.

18 06 2007

Hey Tess,
I still didn’t receive the CD ! Do you know where I can send an email to complaiiiiin ?
It’s been more than 3 weeks now ! I really don’t know what to do and I’m depreeeeeessed.
Please some advice ?

Hmm. How do you do, anyway ?

18 06 2007

I was going to say it hasn’t gotten to you because he’s on tour, but he doesn’t start until tomorrow. if you want to send him an e-mail, his address is TheRemusLupins(at)gmail(dot)com. that’s probably your best best.

speaking of which, his new CD comes out soon! I’m sure you’re going to want to order that after you get your first. I’m super excited. 😀

19 06 2007

Thanks a lot.

Yeak I KNOW, I want to have this Cd too !

5 09 2007

I finally received the CD a week ago ! Can you believe that ?

I thought I would never have it, but I still want the other two ! But I think I should give my boyfriend’s address in the United States better that mine…
Thanks for all the good advice !

5 09 2007

whoa, that was a long wait! but I’m so glad you finally got it! and, yes, you definitely need the other two. they are (if it’s even possible) even more amazing. keep wrocking on!

1 11 2011

i love this lyrics it´s so amazing, the remus lupin is the best band of wizard rock after the parselmounths of course

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