Doomed To Meet

Since my birth I felt your presence
Like a weight upon my soul
You and I are doomed to meet
Casting spells will slice the sky apart
Our lives foretold in prophecies
A tale of epic proportions
And so I scream for vengeance
Don’t let me down
I will fight you
With all that I have in my heart
Fight you with love
And destroy your hate


3 responses

28 02 2009

Hah! first comment losers!! anyhow, this is an awesome song, although i suspect whoever runs this site gets bored of reading comments like OMG!!!!!!1 AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111ONE11! or whatever.

4 03 2009

hahah yeah you’re right… when i see a lot of comments like that, it can get old pretty quick. but i do love reading comments in general 🙂

24 08 2009

It seems like it could either be Lupin and Grayback’s relationship or Harry and Voldemort’s.

Probably the latter, though I love Lupin/Grayback interaction.

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